GALA Center

Friday, November 3, 2017
3:30 pm to Saturday, December 23, 2017 3:30 pm
GALA Center
1060 Palm Street
San Luis Obispo
, CA

From humble beginnings in Georgia, Joshua Talbott's early experiences in scenic art for film and theme parks led him to New Orleans where Josh sold paintings on Royal Street to people from all over the world. Connecting with a group of artists in this environment resulted in a path to technical refinement. Stormy weather inspired an empty pocket trip cross country and introduced Josh to the beauty of the southwest and California. Josh lives in a small coastal California town. Audiobooks are always going while he paints, fueling an insatiable curiosity. In addition to painting, he loves his garden and can often be found afloat in the ocean.


I live in a small coastal California town and my little home is my studio.  Where I sit to paint there is a bookshelf of oddities looking over my shoulder. Things I have built or collected over the years, old books, rubber dinosaurs, and scraps of paper that are markers for various ideas. These are artifacts of a genuine and playful curiosity. These odds and ends in this little world of my bookshelf will sometimes fall into a relationship with one another or take on a different context. I like the idea that nothing" is" on its own but rather identity is reflected from the relationship. I enjoy seeing how people tell the stories for these still life paintings and show themselves in the process. This is part of my process of rediscovery that keeps me deep in weeds of ideation.  Ideas are magic. Taking one to completion means five more knocking at your door, till eventually you just take the door off the hinges. I work hard to refine my eventually you just take the door off the hinges. I work hard to refine my humanity, pushing the envelope on sincerity and transparency.