Appendage & Bough/A Satellite of Love

Friday, June 1, 2018
6:00 pm
Appendage + Bough/A Satellite of Love
1335 Walker St.
San Luis Obispo
, CA

Artist Statement: 

My photography is a reflection of my belief of living in the moment.  Most of the photos I take are spontaneous and unplanned.  My work is a display of the unscripted artistic moments that life brings me.  What inspires me to bring my camera along with me wherever I go is the natural beauty of everyday life and the adventures it brings.  When people look at my photos I want them to feel like they are there, within the experience. 

Show Statement: 

Every van is completely different.  This year, I have made it my mission to capture the unique stories everyone has behind their particular vehicle.  Some vans are just considered vessels of transportation, meanwhile most reflect a segment of someone’s personality, and some may even be what someone calls home.  This idea of surf culture revolving around vans is also very interesting because people will deck out their vans for friends to hangout in, to sleep in for the early call of good waves from the ocean, and the community it creates.  Van’s also have minds of their own, especially the old ones. This exhibition explores and exposes to the public the reasons why people continue to run these old machines and why it is so important within California culture.

Later this year I am constructing a coffee table book that includes the individual and their van, with photos taken from all over California of people with a variety of different ages. This gallery showing is just the beginning of a project I want to become huge around the coast of California. I have decided to showcase this project to the community of San Luis Obispo in order to bring people with common interests together and to start spreading awareness about the book that is going to be constructed in the future. All of the photos were taken on 35mm and developed my myself, and all the interviews were conducted by me as well.